This Heatless Curls Hack Gave Me The Texture Of My Dreams

And all you need is your bath robe.

ICYMI, there’s a heatless curling technique trending (#robecurls) on TikTok right now where people take the rope from their bath robes and wrap their hair around it, wear it overnight while they sleep, and wake up in the morning to insanely pretty curls. A major bonus? No heat = no damage to your hair.

The trick has picked up millions and millions of views on the app, so I figured it was too good to be true and just another over-hyped “hack” bound to disappear in a couple of weeks. Then, I reconsidered because, it’s true…the curls did look amazing. Thus, in the name of journalism, I decided to give it a try. (What’s that you say? Bored? Not me!)

First, I had to do my research. I enlisted my boyfriend’s 15-year-old sister to help me with the mechanics. We headed to her bathroom and watched about 40 example videos before deciding which technique we wanted to use.

Here’s How It Works

There are two ways to go about robe curls: You can 1) use the rope as is for tight, spiral-like results or you can 2.) fold the rope in half for bigger, looser curls. I picked option two, since little ringlets have never really been my “thing” (and I have the awkward prom pics to prove it).

I dampened a brush and combed it through my hair so that it would be wet, but not ~too wet~. Then I took the folded-in-half rope and flattened it onto my head so that it sat kind of like a Blair Waldorf headband. After doing this, I started bringing strands of my hair around the rope in an over-under motion, combining a new piece each time so that it was basically like the process of braiding. Once you’ve brought all the hair on one side of your head to the end of the rope, you fasten it with hair bands (these [artid|2140.a.32186989[src|[ch|[lt|” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noskim” data-vars-ga-outbound-link=”″ data-affiliate=”true”>silk ones by Slip are my fav). Then you just repeat on the other side and head to bed for some zzz’s.

The Results


Okay, it was sort of annoying to sleep at night while having the bulky rope on my head. But surprisingly, when I woke up in the morning, my hair had stayed pretty much in tact despite my tossing and turning. I raced to the bathroom to get ready and take out what I hoped would be my masterpiece.


Pulling each layer of my hair off of the rope was wild. All my strands were in perfect little tubes. Like, they were laughably tight curls. That said, I decided to spritzed some shine spray on them and gently run my fingers through each tress so that I’d loosen them up. That made things a liiittle better.

My hair was still kind of flat though from sleeping with it down, so I took some volumizing dry shampoo foam and ran it through my roots. After brushing at the base of my scalp and along my part for a bit, my hair was chef’s kiss gorg! I had big, voluptuous curls that I’ve never quite been able to achieve outside of going to the salon. My hair was a bit frizzy, but that’snothing hair spray can’t fix. So is it safe to say this experiment was a win, you ask? Well, I’ve got some thoughts.

@maddiehowardnycThese were the results… kinda cute?! ##womenshealthmag ##robecurls ##beauty ##heatlesscurls ##xyzbca♬ Mr. Sandman – ThatKidd


Source Women’s Health

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