4 Ways to Transcend Fear and Negativity

To facilitate a shift in our current consciousness, we must transcend fear and negativity, and ascend to the soul of love. We can do this by learning how to connect to a higher power or divine source (whatever that means to us) through our hearts.

Most of us feel adrift and detached, having lost our spiritual compass and any kind of higher guidance. We tend to wander aimlessly through life, waiting for someone to define our purpose or something to fill the spiritual void we experience. Thus, we try to shift the burden of responsibility for our spiritual awakening onto others and do not acknowledge the innate power we have to create it for ourselves. From the time we are born, we acquire attitudes, mind-sets, and behaviors that have nothing to do with the divine energy of love that we are.

If we are going to transform our world to one of peace and harmony, we must recognize that we are our own power source, and channel love to help cultivate these universal core values. Our true power originates from within, and initiates our reality. As co-creators, we can wield this power to make soul-hearted rather than self-centered choices, and stop relinquishing our power to others or our external circumstances. When we trust our divine connection to source, and are aware of love flowing through us, we are able to channel it to support the fullest expression of ourselves, others, and our planet.

Your evolution from a life based on fear to la life based on love takes viewing life through the lens of higher awareness, and being in tune with the voice of spirit. It’s also imperative that you become aware of your self-destructive patterns so you can make more positive choices for yourself, as well as for the higher good of humanity. Like a periscope in a submarine, you can lift your gaze out of the shadowy aspects of human consciousness and obtain a more elevated, spiritual perspective. You must be clear that you are, first and foremost, a spiritual being navigating the sea of human processes. You must trust that love has the power to open your heart, raise your vibration, and dissolve negativity. When you act from this perspective, you transcend positions of good/ bad, win/lose, and right/wrong, and recognize that your goal is not to fight those who have fear-based polarized patterns but rather to join in sacred community with those who have already committed their lives to love.

You also must take responsibility for making more discerning choices. Recognizing that you are accountable for your life through your choices can result in a tremendous shift. When you realize how every choice you make today defines your future and affects the future of your world. Remember that every choice you make either adds to or detracts from the overall quality of your life and the world in which you live, you must, by necessity, make more impeccable choices in all areas of your life.

When you begin to be more discerning in your choices, you often are faced with the need to release certain feelings, patterns, people, and situations that are no longer appropriate in your lives. In other words, you must choose what spiritually aligns with us, and what does not. You have a choice in each moment to listen to someone else, your past mind-sets, or your own heart. Each choice you make from your heart brings your mind, body, and spirit into coherence with the flow of love. This shift is about more than just positive thinking: it is about soul-hearted living, and manifesting wellness for yourself on a constant basis. When love is flowing through you, you are powerful enough to envision and create whatever is necessary for you to feel fully self-expressed.

Transcending fear and negativity can be challenging when you are constantly bombarded with negative words, messages, and images. All you have to do is turn on the television, read the newspaper, or surf the Internet to encounter negativity. You may even find yourself addicted to the incessant drama of the world, if not your own negative processes. You actually reinforce this negativity when you commiserate with friends, family, and co-workers who drain your positive energy. “Misery loves company,” as it is said, and all it takes to empower negativity is more negativity.

Transcend negativity by practicing compassionate detachment. You can do this by opening your heart in compassion while avoiding getting caught up in the suffering of everyday life. This requires focusing your energies on the positive aspects of your life, and trusting that you have the power to transcend anything that blocks your spiritual path. It also requires staying grounded and steady in your choices as you release anyone or anything that no longer serves us.

You must create energetic boundaries so that you are not sucked into the whirlwind of anger, fear, and negativity that may be swirling around you. Because you tune in energetically to your environment, you have to be discerning about the people you spend time with and the environments you inhabit, and consciously consider where you live, work, and spend most of your time.

Another way to transcend fear and negativity is by letting things be, without resisting or avoiding the changes. To do this, you need to follow your heart and move through each day without trying to control events. When you give way to the need to control, you give away your self-control. Therefore, it is necessary to soften your position, create positive intentions, and make discerning choices.

We, as human beings, are called to create a global initiative of love for humanity. The toxic cloud of negativity can no longer hang over the planet like a suffocating blanket of pollution. To transcend this dark cloud of unenlightened, unconscious thinking, we must invite each person to become a drop in the vast ocean of love by taking responsibility for their choices, and practicing daily gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness. By our collective participation in this internal work, we will transcend fear and negativity, and create a soul-ution―a conscious evolution to the soul of love.

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