Ladies! Create Content From your Book & Generate a Viral Platform

Here are a Few Ways to Use a Blog and Book to Boost Your Platform

Being a Woman Boss is privilege and indeed an added blessing to any females’ life!

So how do you get your business out there? How do you become a Boss Babe?

How do grow your business while staying relevant, keep dinner on the table AND not chipping a nail?

Well Dots, I’m so glad that you asked because it is super easy, yet it requires discipline and hard work…catch 22 huh?


There are a few things that you can do that will create remunerative results every time:

First off, what is content?

Content is simple, pretty much, it is using your intellectual property to “create”, “promote”, “engage”, “optimize”, “strategize”, “analyze”, and “market” for profit, barter or birth.

The creation piece is key because the more universal and creative you are, the more you will have to say.

Say you are passionate about animals and you want to promote awareness, one post about your love for an animal can turn into a:

  • Speaking engagement
  • Book
  • Trainings
  • Conferences
  • Website creation and
  • Webinars

Have you tried to achieve the aforementioned and could not attain that goal? Did it get confusing?

That was so me not so long ago, I was spinning my wheels, spending hundreds of hard earned money on ads, boosts and influencers to advertise my brand (they did well, but it was out of the Country so I guess I am popular in Europe and Asia).

Suddenly, I got smart, I learned to capture my niche audience and cater to them and them only.

This technique is how I got creative and created posts that answered the questions to those that wanted to learn from me.

It made no sense answering questions to those that never asked so my services were never acquired and I wasted tons of dollars.

Then I promoted only to those individuals that had a need for what I had.

Imagine being in a desert, you’re parched, your throat is closing and your eyes are the only source of liquid your body can claim.

Would you want someone to advertise a heating system?

Would you be interested in biscuits and cornbread? Absolutely not!

So why promote your business to people that simply do not care about what you have to offer?

My promotions were only specific to my key audience, then attrition took its course.

Others began to ask what I had to offer and of course, I engaged and figured out how to create content specific to them.

Engagement is important; no one wants to feel like you are selling selling selling!

People want to know that you care about them, their hopes and their dreams.

They do not want to feel like your primary purpose is to sell them everything while offering them nothing!

Optimizing is a fancy way of saying that your content should be effective yet efficient. If it offers no value or efficiency, no one will take time to bother.

Use your content to help, use it to grow your business and use it to optimize a platform for you to be viewed as the expert in your subject matter.

Now, this is where we all get tangled up, strategy and analyzing…ughhhhh where is a glass of wine when you need it?

Establishing and executing your strategies and analyzing them are your make or break points.

You truly need to know your WHY and just how bad you want it!  Some say that you must strategize first and analyze is putting the cart before the horse, I beg to differ.

If you can envision these factors impacting your business (plan), then it is so archaic to think that seeking ways to be the best is not relatable to analyzing your why simultaneously.

Analyze the bigger picture and how you can measure tangible growth (or lack thereof) by your strategic skills.

Lastly, marketing! Earlier, I mentioned ways that I blew hundreds of dollars on ads, boosts and influencers, well there are so many new ways to market these days, I am going to share a few.

Live streaming is the way of the World right now! Learning how to stream Live can make or break your brand.

It feels like you are talking to yourself at first; but soon, people will chime in and you will become an expert and sought after.

People want to see real people when seeking real things, especially when you are touching intimate parts of their lives.

No one will trust a keyboard… it is time to embrace the 3-foot rule to percolate your brand.

Every time you are within 3 feet of someone, you need to share your business, give a firm shake, eye to eye contact, offer a business card or memoir and anticipate a connection.

So, how does all of this turn into Speaking engagements, books, trainings, conferences, website creation and, webinars?

You use what you created, put it in words and create a book. It does not have to be a million pages; books are now viewed as the largest business card and will open doors.

You then use your book to book speaking engagements because now you are the expert in your subject matter; you sell from your book, speak from your book so you can sell your book.

That turns into a website, sell your book and services to people, they will be so excited, they’ll want to learn from you, so you train from your book while creating content!

Within months, you can go Global and facilitate webinars to reach those that may not live accessibly close to you all because of your content.

Once the phenomenon starts, you will be asked to plan, speak or keynote conferences due to your journey, that’s when the magic happens.

Your content will inspire a multitude support you, because it is you—all driven by your WHY and your wildly amazing content.

It is your time, what are you waiting for? Build that content!

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